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Lump lime

Assay crucibles



Sodium cyanide (NaCN)

Sodium isobutyl xanthate (SIBX)

Grinding balls

Cap lamp and charging rack

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Steel rails

Mobile crusher

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Mucking machine

Underground locomotive

Air hoist underground equipment

Households in Polilio Islands in Quezon province are the most recent recipients of solar system installations. The Department of Energy provided the funding while the Team Energy Foundation was the project implementer. UPU-Skaff completed the installation of 3,400 units of solar home system in April 2013.

Brgy. Amaga, Polilio, Quezon

Brgy. Amaga, Polilio, Quezon

Rizal,Polilio, Quezon

UPU-Skaff Equipment, Inc. also worked with local electric cooperatives to bring electricity to remote communities without access to the electric distribution grid. In the province of Romblon, UPU-Skaff Equipment, Inc. partnered with Tablas Island Electric Cooperative to install around 2,750 units of solar home system as well as street lights. The project, under the Household Electrification Program of DOE, was completed in 2011.

In New ibajay, El Nido, Palwan, UPU-Skaff Equipment, Inc. partnered with Western Philippines University and the United Nations Development Program to put up the hybrid solar PV system. The 20-kilovolt-amperes solar system -- the main power source -- backed by diesel powered generator set, provided electricity to some 300 barangay households. The 400 square meters "solar power station" was among the first of its kind when it was installed in 2005.

The photovoltaic module captures energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. Coming in watt peaks of 20 to 100, the modules are mounted in house roof or light posts and raised at 15 degrees angle facing south which is the direction of the sun.

The system panel is the heart of the home solar system. It contains the charge controller, battery and DC appliances such as radio, MP3 player and cellular phone charger. The charge controller regulates the flow of electricity to the battery. Electricity is stored in the battery that can be used when the sun isn't shining.