Skaff business subsidiary Passi Crushing Plant, Inc., (PCPI) is the major supplier of powdered limestone for Panay Energy Development Corporation (PEDC), a 300-megawatt clean coal-fired power plant in Iloilo City. PEDC supplies electric power to the eight electric cooperatives in Iloilo, Capiz, Antique, Aklan and Negros. Powdered limestone is used to ensure that emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide from burnt coal are kept at negligible levels.

The PCPI crushing facility is located at a 10-hectare lot in Barangay Bacuranan, Passi, Iloilo which is a rich source of high quality limestone. PCPI equipment work round the clock to quary a hill of limestone and break them into required sizes.

From the quary area, the limestones are brought to a shade where they are left for some time to dry. The crushing process starts when the dried limestones are fed to the hopper which funnels the stones down to the jaw crusher.

The pieces of limestones from the jaw crusher are further crushed into powder as they pass through the hammer mill, vibrating screen, and grinder.

Finished lime powder product is transfered to storage bins through a conveyor. The storage bins also serve as drying facilities for the finished products to lessen their moisture level.

From the storage bins, delivery bulk trucks transport the powdered limestone to the Iloilo power plant. The few hours it takes for the lime powder to reach the power plant and be used to clean coal emission is the start of the PCPI's journey to do its share in keeping a clean and sustainable environment.